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New D3-Picaridin Standard
New D4-Chlormequat chloride Standard
New 2-Naphthylammonium chloride Standard
New Spiromesifen-M09 Standard
New DPPD-quinone Standard
New D5-IPPD-quinone Standard
New Amyl salicylate Standard
New Diclosan Standard
New Ditalimfos Standard
New MCPB-glucoside Standard
New D6-Dimethachlor Metabolite CGA 369873 Standard
New Pirlimycin hydrochloride Standard
New Quinmerac BH 518-5 Standard
New Captan Metabolite THPAM Standard
New D3-O-Dimethenamid OA Standard
New Fluthiacet Standard
New Monalide Standard
New 2,4-DB-butyl ester Standard
New Tiafenacil Standard
New Imiprothrin Standard
New Propiomazine Standard
New Proquinazid Metabolite IN-MM671 Standard
New 7PPD Standard
Ferimzone Standard
New Chlorothalonil metabolite SYN546872 Standard
New Rimsulfuron Metabolite 2 Standard
New Azinphos-methyl-oxon Standard
New D14-Oryzalin Standard
New Butroxydim Standard
New D6-Flufenacet ESA sodium salt Standard
New Pyribambenz-propyl Standard
HPC - New D6-Flufenacet OA Standard
HPC - New 18O3-Sodium chlorate Standard
HPC - New 3-Amino-phenazin-2-ol Standard
HPC - New Fenpyrazone Standard
HPC - 18O4-Sodium perchlorate Standard
HPC - New Flufiprole Standard
HPC - New N-(8-Aminooctyl)guanidine Standard
HPC - New Laidlomycine propionate potassium Standard
HPC - New Bistrifluron Standard
HPC - New Quintrione Standard
HPC - New Bipyrazone Standard
HPC - New 7QDI Standard
HPC - New Quintrione Standard
HPC - New Tripyrasulfone Standard
HPC - New Semduramicin sodium Standard


Catalog No./ CAS No.



Semduramicin sodium
Concentration: 100 µg/ml
Solvent: Acetonitrile



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HPC - Ethiprole-sulfone Standard
HPC - New 6QDI Standard
HPC - New Bentazone-methyl Standard
HPC - New 4-[(Morpholinothio)thioxomethyl]morpholine Standard